Kyle Rawn

When Kyle was just a year old, he had his eyes removed due to Retinoblastoma.  He has never let blindness stand in his way.   He grew up playing hockey and football and he remains an avid sports enthusiast.  Kyle is an accomplish musician and showman -- when he is not on the golf course, he can be found on a stage near you, rocking the drums in and around the GTA's vibrant music scene.  Kyle is an animal lover, so naturally you will most often find him accompanied by his beautiful Black Lab guide dog "Jangles".  Kyle is a Radio Broadcasting graduate and has worked in the media, finance and sports industries.  he has now dedicated himself to helping business realize the potential that exists for increasing revenue while meeting the government standards of the AODA legislation.  He has been breaking down barriers, changing beliefs and influencing attitudes all his life and he would like nothing more than the opportunity to let you benefit from his extensive skills and experience.

Colin S. McCarthy

At the age of 14, Colin discovered that he had Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that usually attacks children and young adults.  In Order to save Colin's life his leg was amputated at the hip.  For over thirty five years Colin has broken down barriers of all types whenever they have stood between him and his goals.  Colin has downhill raced competitively with the Ontario Track Three Ski Association and played hockey as a goaltender in a men's league in Concord.  He is an avid golfer and has also raced Karts.  Nowadays, in the winter, he can be found on the snowmobile trails of Ontario with his wife Lori and friends. 

After attending Long Island University Colin started his career as the Computer Systems Manager with Calcan Office Equipment.  He then moved on to becoming a Subway Sandwich franchise owner an later working with Prudential Insurance and Chrysler Canada.  For the first decade of the 2000's Colin worked the Corporate Training division of Durham College and was responsible for sales and development of such programs as the Financial Services Commission of Ontario's Life Licensing Qualification Program, Laidlaw Educational Services, Management Apprentice Program and the Toronto Transit Commissions, Ontario Management Development Program.  Today, he guides his team of accessibility professionals as they teach the benefits of accessibility across Ontario.



Accessibility Training and consulting


Team Members

Every one of our team members are persons living with disabilities who have spent their lives overcoming barriers.  At Canadian Accessibility Professionals (Formerly Accessibility Professionals of Ontario), we use our intimate knowledge and expertise to help businesses prevent and remove barriers, and increase accessibility successfully and cost-effectively.  We have many individuals with disabilities working with us that are not listed here, these individuals perform duties that take them beyond the standard accessibility consulting service as mystery shoppers and therefore their identities must be keep hidden.

Our Philosophy

At Canadian Accessibility Professionals, we understand business large and small.  We know how time consuming and costly it can be to comply with all the requirements of today's government legislation.  As people with disabilities, we also understand how barriers can effect one's quality of life.  There are many obstacles that make it difficult or impossible for people to access goods and services in the same manner most of us take for granted.  The good news is it does not need to be expensive or cumbersome to fix most of these issues.  Some minor changes can have a major impact on your business and community.


It is our core belief that, by finding cost-effective ways to eliminate potential and existing barriers, you will make your goods and services accessible to everyone, therefore vastly increasing your bottom line.  This is what we do!  Let us show you how.