Integrated Accessibility Standard

​The second standard of the AODA is the Integrated Accessibility Standard, Ontario Regulation 191/11.  Depending on the size and scope of your organization, there are compliance deadlines ranging from January 1, 2014, to 2025.  The Integrated Accessibility Standard encompasses employment standards, rules regarding information and communication and the transportation regulations.  Don't be caught off guard.  Get in touch with Canadian Accessibility Professionals to find out what your responsibilities are under this standard.  We will customize a plan to fit your needs and put you ahead of your competition.  Preparation leads to winning!  Let us show you how.


At Canadian Accessibility Professionals (formerly Accessibility Professionals of Ontario) we pride ourselves on being a full service AODA organization.  This means accessibility is all we do!  We've been helping Ontario's businesses grow through accessibility since 2009.  Whether you are an operation of 1 or 100-thousand, let Canadian Accessibility Professionals customize an accessibility program to meet your needs.  By making accessibility a key component of your organization's culture, you will drive new business, grow your market and your profits.  In doing so, you make the world a better place for everyone! ACCESSIBILITY -- IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Accessible Customer Service Training

What is the most important resource for the success of any business? ... People!  The most important step you can take to truly adopt accessibility into your organization's culture is to empower your people to make a difference.  Accessible Customer Service Training is our specialty -- we are your accessibility all-stars!  By understanding your business and operations, we will customize a program to enable you to get the most out of your people. Our techniques are proven and the results are undeniable.  Contact us today to learn how you can tap into a growing market with a winning strategy.  We offer several different training options to meet your specific requirements, Live Training, Train the Trainer, On-line learning and Learning Manuals.

Accessibility Policies and Plans

Accessibility policies and plans are key requirements of the Accessible Customer Service Standard, Ontario Regulation 429/07.  We develop comprehensive accessibility documentation for businesses large and small all across the country.  Let us get to know your business, and leave the work to us!  We will create the governing documentation to precisely meet your needs, and lay the foundation for a truly accessible organization.  Don't be left scrambling when the Accessibility Directorate comes knocking.  Protect your business and put your trust in us.  Contact us today to get started.

Accessible Building Audits

Don't be afraid!  Barrier free buildings need not be expensive or a burden to your business.  Our team members are all individuals with disabilities and are experts at removing barriers, let them create an accessible environment for your customers at a cost that's right for you.  We examine everything, from top to bottom, and create a custom report with a variety of solutions to every barrier.  Somewhere between utopia and acceptable, you will discover what works for you and your customers.  Contact our team directly for a free quote on your property.


Accessible hospitality program

The accessibility legislation includes specific requirements for hotels.  Millions of people visit Ontario every year.  It's extremely important for the tourism sector to lead the way in accessibility.  Our "GAP" package, (Guest Accessibility Package), is a customized and powerful tool which enables guests with disabilities to access the goods and services of a hotel independently and with dignity.  The Chelsea Hotel Toronto is the first hotel to offer this very unique program to its guests.  Contact us today to find out how we are Closing the GAP one hotel at a time.

Rick Hanson Foundation Accessibility Certification

Canadians struggle every day to access spaces like schools, libraries, community centres, and offices because of physical barriers to accessibility.  Unfortunately, There was no unified standard for measuring accessibility in the places and spaces where people live, work, learn and play in Canada.

Now the Rick Hanson Foundation Accessibility Certification Program is filling that need.  Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ evaluates a business’s current level of accessibility and places them on an international scale.  Colin is a RHFAC Professional and can help guide your  organization through the process of certification.  Together we can make Canada accessible for everyone.  For more information of the RHFAC Program visit their website at

Accessible Customer Service Assessment Strategies

Compliance with the AODA and true accessibility are two very different things.  At Canadian Accessibility Professionals, we have developed assessment strategies for all types of businesses to identify strengths, areas to improve and methods to insure success in order to attract new business and increase your bottom line.  We customize the plan to involve only those components which make sense for your business.  These could include: 

Accessible building audits
Systems and policy audits
Training and leadership development
Accessible customer service mystery shopping program
Accessibility rewards program
And more!

All services, including the mystery shopping, are conducted by people with disabilities.  This means lifetimes of experience on your side, ready to help you grow your market and your business.  ACCESSIBILITY -- IT'S ALL WE DO!

S.A.F.E. Program (Safety and Accessibility For Employees)

The Safety and Accessibility For Employees program is designed to afford people with disabilities independence at work.  It is completely customized to meet the needs and environment of each business.  Each package may include and may not be limited to the following:

  • Specific information related to the physical environment (i.e. location of accessible washrooms, elevators, etc) which is very useful for new hires
  • Emergency and evacuation plans
  • The company’s policies on accessibility, mental health in the workplace, your organizations disability accommodation polices and other important policies, practices and procedures
  • Contact information for internal supports
  • Accessibility features of local businesses and/or establishments close to work
  • Quick reference guide for external support and accessibility
  • Local medical and veterinary directories with accessibility features of each
  • Transportation resources, tips and reminders for staff about communicating with people with disabilities

The program is helpful for people of all abilities.  Show your employees you care about accessibility and inclusion at work.

Alternate communication formats

There are many reasons to think about alternate forms of communication.  For one, it is a major component of the Information and Communication section of the Integrated Accessibility Standard, Ontario Regulation 191/11.  Furthermore, it creates a positive impression with your customers and in the community - PEOPLE WILL TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.  By making things accessible it can benefit everyone.  Have you ever used an automatic door button because your hands were full?  The best part is, it's easy and it can be very inexpensive.

Consider this: Have you ever struggled to read a menu at a restaurant, either because of poor lighting, or you simply forgot your glasses? Wouldn't it be great if there was a large font version readily available to make your life easier? As a restaurant, the cost of producing a few large print menus can be extremely cost effective, making your return on investment very high. Trust us when we say people will talk, our team are all persons with disabilities and we know how fast word travels. Word of mouth is the best advertising and it's free.

Contact us to find out how alternate communications methods can benefit your business immediately. We can produce most formats in-house, at very little cost. These may include formats such as:

Large print and Braille

Social Scripts for Autism and ASD

Sign language interpretation

Electronic Text