Accessibility Training, Consulting, Building audits & more

To show businesses how small changes can make a large difference in their bottom line. The number of Canadians with disabilities is vast, and growing, due to the rapidly aging population; and when you include the families and friends of people with disabilities, the number of potential customers increases exponentially.


Knowing how to properly market and advertise accessibility has helped many of our clients drive new business, create customer loyalty and enhance their reputation in the communities they serve.


The goal is to break down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating in our society. Everybody deserves, Independence, Integration, Dignity and the Equal Opportunity to live rich and productive lives.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is comprised of 
three standards:

·    Accessible Customer Service Standard – Compliance dates 2012
·    Integrated Accessibility Standard – Various compliance dates from 2014 to 2025
·    Built Environment Standard – Comprised of The Design of Public Spaces Standards and Ontario’s new Building Code now in effect


1 in 7 Canadians report having a disability – that’s about two million Ontarians
At age 65+, 25 per cent of Canadians report having a disability
Baby boomers make up just over a third of our population and they are on the cusp of 65+
By approximately 2030, it is estimated 1 in 5 Ontarians will have a disability, and people with disabilities will represent 40 percent of the Province’s total income, or $536-billion
Improved accessibility in Ontario is estimated to result in $1.6-billion in new tourism spending, and $9.6-billion in new retail spending

Can you afford to overlook this huge and growing segment of the population? Accessibility does not need to be expensive or scary.  What’s more, there are no limits to the return on investment.

Let us help you make sense of accessibility!